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  • 24th session from 25 to 29 september 2017

The Laberca

The LABERCA is a research unit of the ONIRIS and belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing. It is under the supervision of the DGER and the INRA (Alim H Department) for its research activities in the field of food chemical safety. It is the National Reference Laboratory for dioxins, PCB-dl, PCB-ndl, PAH, melamine and growth promoters in cattle (DGAl).

The LABERCA team is made up of about 50 staff (Prof, IR, ITA, IE, AI , Technicians, Masters, Doc and Post-Doc).
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In a national and international context encouraging research in the field of food safety, and considering the consumers' and governments' greater awareness, the LABERCA turned towards the study of chemical risks associated to biological and food matrices. Two main categories of...
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Higher Education and Training

LABERCA's experience in the fields of analytical chemistry and food safety enabled teachers-researchers from the laboratory to take part in the training of the veterinary students, both at a basic and advanced stage of their courses. This teaching is particularly based...
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Higher education