Growth Promoters


Anabolic steroids are a group of substances derived by synthesis of testosterone. Their use as growth promoters for production animals is prohibited within the European Union. No residue of these molecules should be present in animals reared or imported into the EU.



Beta-agonists are a family of chemicals derived from catecholamines that act on production animals by increasing their muscle mass while decreasing the amount of adipose tissue).



Corticosteroids are pharmacologically active substances derived from cortisol and prescribed as anti-inflammatories or bronchodilators. They have been found in the past in Europe associated with anabolic preparations such as steroids or b-agonists by potentiating the effect of these substances. Four molecules have Marketing Authorizations and are therefore subject to MRLs in DAOAs. The others are not authorized and are subject to the same strategies as those implemented for anabolics.

Growth hormones


Growth hormone is a 22 kDA protein; it is produced endogenously by organisms. It has a favorable action on the growth of bone and muscle tissue and improves milk production in production animals. Its use as growth promoters or lactation promoters for production animals is prohibited within the European Union (EU).



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