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Oniris, via its analytical chemistry platform (PFCA), makes its know-how and its instruments available to the service of the national research and industrial community. Its varied and high-performance mass spectrometry equipment (low or high resolution, multidimensional or isotopic) coupled with any form of chromatography (gas, liquid or supercritical phases) meets the numerous requests from the community. The analytical chemistry platform integrates activities related to structural analysis, assay and metabolomic analysis. In addition, due to its history, Laberca has expertise in the field of steroidomics.


The platform is a member of the "Structural and metabolomic analyses" component (Corsaire) of the Biogenouest network.

The development of LABERCA's analytical chemistry platform is partly co-financed by the European Union. Europe is getting involved in Pays de la Loire with the European Regional Development Fund.

Service offer

We put the platform's expertise and technological strengths at the service of academic and private projects.

Services offered :

The platform provides facilities and expertise for :

  • Design, production, interpretation of data and exploitation of results (collaboration or service)  
  • Advanced data processing and data analysis using dedicated bioinformatics and statistics tools 
  • Customised analyses 
  • Individual and collective training in spectrometric analysis, both theoretical and practical 
  • The organization of thematic days and practical workshops 
  • Hosting of interns


Developments :

In addition to its service activities, the platform continues its methodological developments around technological innovations, the evaluation and implementation of new technologies but also around the data processing stage.

Quality Assurance

All the services and trainings provided by the PFCA are carried out in accordance with the ISO9001: 2015 standard (INTERTEK). In 2018, the PFCA was labeled IBISA (GIS Infrastructures en Biologie Santé et Agronomie).

Finally, the platform benefits from the overall quality management system implemented at LABERCA (accreditation of control analyses and organisation of inter-laboratory tests, ISO17025 and ISO17043).




The analytical chemistry platform opens access to its entire analytical fleet to meet external demands as varied as trace analysis, metabolic profiling or the structural elucidation of exposure or effect biomarkers. These investigations are based on the study of MS / MS mass spectra and the understanding of fragmentations, the reading and interpretation of exact masses, isotopic ratios thanks to the information provided by MS, HRMS, MS / MS, MSn, IRMS and EA technologies.


Communication/Scientific Articles

The PFCA is strongly involved in the teaching of several Masters from the universities of Nantes and Rennes and regularly participates in initial or professional training activities.

The platform is identified within the framework of the Francophone Network of Metabolomics and Fluxomics (RFMF) and is particularly involved in the revitalisation of the French metabolomic community through this learned society and the latest innovations such as international training courses ( 



Key platform scientific articles

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